Our Story

It all started when I was 23 and fearless…

After graduating from the entrepreneurship program at the University of Houston, I was ready to conquer the world and make it in the tough yet complex, food industry. Armed with enough guile to persevere and the support of my loving mother, I opened my first restaurant in September of 2002. The restaurant featured a full bar, 60 tables, and a small dance floor; all collectively filling a 6500 square foot restaurant.

By its second year of operation, I noticed an abundance of catering requests and large amounts of lunch orders from local corporate offices. Although I had chances to expand with my current restaurant concept, I envisioned a better opportunity that was perfect in filling a growing niche that my restaurant stumbled upon. When my five year lease was up, with a heavy heart, but growing expectations I closed my full-service restaurant and moved to a 1200 square foot kitchen. The restaurant was just big enough to focus on our established catering and our home or office delivery services.

Fajita Pete’s was born and since then, we never looked back. During the next nine years, we opened seven locations all over Houston and in Dallas, with room to grow! We offer fresh-off-the-grill, marinated fajitas accompanied by house-made sides and hand-rolled tortillas. Each location has replicated our business model, continuing to focus on limited, premium quality menu items that are available for pick-up, dine-in or delivery.

“From our grill to your table, enjoy fajitas delivered
to your home or office” -Pedro “Pete” Mora