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Menu FAQ

Gluten Free Options

Our handmade menu includes great options for our gluten-free guests, including freshly made corn tortillas and all of our fajita proteins. For those with severe gluten allergies, please note that although our tortilla chips are made of corn, trace amounts of gluten may be present due to cross-contamination with our housemade fried sopapillas.

Nut allergies

No nuts are used in any of our recipes.

What items are vegetarian?

We recommend our veggie fajitas, which include onions, peppers, and portobello mushrooms. Our rice, refried beans, and both flour and corn tortillas are vegan.

What is in the protein marinade?

Lime juice, pineapple juice, salt, pepper, and love.

List of our foods and possible allergies?

Click Here to see the entire list