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December 18, 2023

Fajita Pete’s Participates in Shoes for Kids

From grilling up mouth-watering fajitas to helping kids lace up shoes in Houston, Fajita Pete’s is a brand that believes in making a difference. Fajita Pete’s is a proud sponsor of the Shoes For Kids event, an initiative aimed at providing shoes and jackets to underprivileged children in and around the Houston-area. According to Pedro “Fajita Pete” Mora, “The event is a testament to our commitment towards instilling positive changes in our community. Through our participation and that of other sponsors, 2500 kids have new shoes and jackets this year.”

Shoes For Kids is a non-profit organization dedicated to aiding disadvantaged children by equipping them with appropriate footwear and jackets. The organization was founded with the philosophy that no child should lack fundamental clothing items, and over time has become a respected force for positive change. Children who would benefit most from the contributions were carefully selected through an elaborate process ensuring that the aid reached those most in need.

Pete continued, “The joy and gratitude from the children who received these contributions are heartwarming and amplify the worthiness of the cause. We are so very blessed that we can participate and give back to our amazing community.”