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March 29, 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Catering Near Me: Choosing Fajita Pete’s for Your Event

If you are planning an event and looking for a catering service that offers delicious, authentic Mexican cuisine, look no further than Fajita Pete’s. With a variety of options to choose from, our catering services are the perfect way to add a bit of freshness and flavor to your next event. Fajita Pete’s presents a variety of options for catering near you, each of which can accommodate whatever type of event you are hosting.

Why Choose Fajita Pete’s?

Fajita Pete’s is known for high-quality, Tex-Mex cuisine and our catering menu offer a variety of options to choose from, including fajitas, flautas, enchiladas, and more. With fresh ingredients and authentic recipes, Fajita Pete’s catering services provide something for everyone.

Fajita Pete’s offers a customizable menu, which means you can choose the dishes that best fit your event and your guests’ tastes. Whether you are hosting a small gathering or a large event, Fajita Pete’s has the experience and expertise to make your event a success.

Our menu allows you to choose the dishes that best fit your event and your guests’ tastes. Some of the most popular menu items include fajitas, enchiladas, flautas, and sides such as rice and beans, guacamole, and queso.

Our fajitas are made with marinated and grilled chicken, beef, or shrimp and served with sautéed onions and bell peppers. We also offer vegetarian fajitas made with grilled vegetables.

Our enchiladas are filled with a choice of meat or cheese and topped with a spicy green sauce and melted cheese. We also offer vegetarian enchiladas filled with grilled vegetables.

Our sides are the perfect complement to our main dishes including rice and beans, guacamole, queso, chips, and salsa.

Types of Catering Services Offered by Fajita Pete’s

Fajita Pete’s offers unique catering experiences that sets it apart from other catering services. For example, they provide a full-service catering experience, which means they not only deliver the food but also set up and clean up afterward. This takes the stress out of hosting an event and allows you to focus on enjoying the food and spending time with your guests.

Flex catering is a great option for smaller events or events with a tight budget. With the flex catering option, Fajita Pete’s will deliver the food to your event, set it up, and then leave. This is a more budget-friendly option but still allows you to enjoy the delicious food and authentic flavors of Fajita Pete’s.

Bulk catering is perfect for larger events. With bulk catering, Fajita Pete’s will provide disposable aluminum trays with a variety of dishes to choose from. This allows your guests to choose the dishes they want to try and ensures everyone gets a taste of Fajita Pete’s authentic Mexican cuisine.

Whether small or large events, corporate or personal occasions, Fajita Pete’s is a fantastic option for any occasion.