Mopac’s Fajita Fiesta – Fajita Pete’s Mopac Catering!

Hey Mopac aficionados! In the heart of our bustling district lies a gem that promises to add a sizzle to your next event – Fajita Pete’s Mopac!

Our location is synonymous with life, energy, and flavor. And that’s precisely what our fajitas bring to the table – a burst of life, a dash of energy, and heaps of flavor! Imagine your guests' faces lighting up as they bite into our juicy fajitas, complemented by our tangy salsa and rich guacamole.

But here's the cherry on the top – our impeccable service. We understand the pulse of Mopac. Whether you're hosting a quick business lunch or a lavish party, we promise punctuality, warmth, and of course, flavors that'll have your guests talking for days!

So, if you’re in Mopac and are looking to elevate your event, you know whom to call. Fajita Pete’s Mopac – where every fajita tells a story!