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March 24, 2022

Fajita Pete’s Poised for Texas Takeover

It’s fajitas like you’ve never seen them before—unless, that is, you’ve been to Houston, Dallas, or Austin recently. 

Fajita Pete’s, the fresh-off-the-grill fajita delivery concept, has more or less flown under the radar as a fan favorite in Houston and Dallas for the past decade.

“They call us a cult classic,” laughs founder and namesake Pedro “Pete” Mora. “That’s what they say when no one has heard of you yet.” 

But in the last two years, Fajita Pete’s quietly began nabbing national awards including a spot on QSR Magazine’s Hottest Startup Fast Casuals, QSR’s Best Franchise Deals, and FastCasual’s Top 100 Movers and Shakers of 2022. 

Fajita Pete’s also caught the attention of four QSR veterans: Keith Fontana and Michael Humphrey of Sonic and Qdoba, and Vishal Gajjar and Abhishek Doctor of Marco’s Pizza. The two franchising duos were recently awarded a total of 13 Fajita Pete’s restaurants across Texas. 

“Fajita Pete’s drew me in because it’s Texas-born and offers a real vehicle for growth,” says Fontana. 

“For a lot of other concepts, the markets are saturated,” Humphrey adds. “People have seen it all and tried it all. But fresh fajitas and margaritas brought to your door? There are a lot of people that have never experienced anything like Fajita Pete’s. There is almost unlimited potential to grow.”

Fontana says the pair looked at countless opportunities over a span of several years before selecting Fajita Pete’s. 

“We have years of experience with established nationwide brands,” shares Humphrey, who began as a Sonic carhop and worked his way up to franchising over more than two decades. “It’s a rare opportunity to be part of something that is on the verge of exploding nationwide.”

Why Fajita Pete’s? 

The growing buzz amongst franchisees around the Fajita Pete’s delivery and catering model seems to be matched only by the buzz around its menu.

“People are used to only being able to have fajitas in a sit-down setting where you might wait 45 minutes to sit down and another 45 minutes to eat,” notes Gajjar. “But at Fajita Pete’s, you get the exact same quality fajitas, plus convenience.” 

“You can’t find food like this, in such a convenient model, anywhere near this price point,” agrees Fontana. 

“Most restaurants today are trying to adapt to delivery,” Humphrey points out. “Fajita Pete’s is designed for delivery. We are ready to come out swinging.”

Community involvement  

While each Fajita Pete’s restaurant creates its own unique impression on the surrounding community, the brand has become known as embodying what it means to “give back.”

“When we started Fajita Pete’s, we focused on a menu that brought people together,” Mora recalls. “We are proud to honor this community spirit by giving back whenever we can.”

All four franchisees have already begun drafting plans to get involved with community organizations.

“We love the idea of bringing a great idea like Fajita Pete’s to great communities,” declares Fontana. “When I think of West Texas, I think of good-hearted people who take care of their neighbors, who take the time to say hello. That’s the kind of relationship we want each of our restaurants to have with its customers.” 

About Fajita Pete’s

Unapologetically designed for off-premise dining, Fajita Pete’s is a natural category disrupter amongst Tex-Mex and takeout alike. This streamlined fan-favorite fajita concept has an open and awarded pipeline of over 100 units across Texas, Colorado, Illinois, Kansas and Arizona. For press inquiries, contact [email protected] or learn more at franchisefajitapetes.com.