Celebrate Cedar Park Style with Fajita Pete’s!

Greetings from the green heart of Texas! Nestled amid the beauty of Cedar Park, Fajita Pete’s promises to be the life of your party.

Our Cedar Park community loves a good celebration. And what’s a celebration without some good food, especially when it’s Fajita Pete’s sizzling hot fajitas? From intimate family gatherings to grand events, our catering service promises to add that 'extra' to the 'ordinary'.

Here’s what’s on the menu: perfectly grilled fajitas, seasoned with love, passion, and a secret mix of spices, coupled with our legendary sides. And, let’s not forget our dedicated team that brings the vibrant Cedar Park spirit to every event.

So, Cedar Park folks, next time you're planning a bash, let Fajita Pete’s be your culinary partner!